Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Smoke?

Above you can view the progress on the smoke for the, eh, "good guys" Despuess and Cerebus by Hannu Hoffen. And the black smoke progress for the villain by Ajiesh Thuvanoor, who has thanks to his study and research created a secret way to go about it, which he has allowed us to call a Cerebus proprietary system.
Also in view in the background of the the youtube clips you can view the progress of Ludovic Leleu's environmental model for the interior of Necross' Lair. He has since started from scratch, and we should have an update soon.
Also, today as we do every Wednesday: new webcomics on our website.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Necross Short?

we're now counting down to our Necross Short being shown...tweaks and details being ironed's a segment of the movie (issue #13 in the comic) that we hope to have ready to showcase later this summer (as mentioned in a previous post). Above we see the progress on the interior of Necross' Lair by Ludovic Leleu. Ludo did an excellent matte painting previously of the interior and is now going all out with a breath taking and epic 3D interior environment model.

And here's more phenomenal progress by Jason Minos of Cerebus and Despuess as they "arrive" on the scene.

For those who watched Cerebus TV last week you saw we now have Thrunk (marvelously done by Brian Buchmann) in place before he livens up featuring portions of the aforementioned matte by Ludo. Will continue to work on the lighting, camera work etc

You can still catch this weekend's Cerebus TV 30 minute episode in rotation: "The demand for custom Cerebus head sketches offered on a previous episode exceeded all expectations! Dave Sim sketches and gives some comics history background to each of the personas he has Cerebus take on, as he creates sketches according to requests by Cerebus.TV viewers, on-camera" For the full Press Release go here

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Dave Sim StoryBoard.

Yesterday Dave Sim mentioned he had been thinking of story-boarding his original opening for "Cerebus The Movie" (from his Animated Portfolio days in the 80s, which is as far as he got before wondering "why the heck would i want Cerebus to be a movie?"). Dave Sim's opening actually sounded a lot like my first storyboard which featured a serene setting with bugs which then scatter when horse hooves ride through the scene...then cut to page 1 panel 1 of issue 1 of Cerebus galloping on horseback towards the city gates. I asked if we could use his idea for our film and today he generously story-boarded it and sent it over. Too kind. See Above. Looks fantastic! And very funny:)

From Cerebus Animated Portfolio days:

Also, check out new webcomics at the

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What Necross!

Necross modelled by Brian Buchmann. Above are the features that goes with the animation.

We 're hoping to have a full "Cerebus vs Necross" segment complete this summer. It will be part of the larger movie and will also work as a short in its own right.

Necross' Lair is in a mountain rock-like setting with lots of decorative skulls. Hard to tell in the comic if he's particularly dirty and sooty...but makes sense that he would be considering his habitat. And he is established as a sad sack...a pathetic Wizard if you will.

This weekend on Cerebus.TV part one of "Remebering Frank Frazetta" For the Full Press Release go here!
Also, new webcomics this week!

Monday, June 14, 2010

What Weisshaupt and City Guard!!

Both Weisshaupt and Guard by the mind-boggingly talented Uness Max, who can model faster than i can blog:) Weishaupt doesn't have his wig yet, of course. That will be added later in Maya as it is a 3ds Max model.
The City Guard is one of the guards who fights with Elrod. We'll tweak his facial features and voila we'll have a little army of them:)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What Facial Features!

We have great Necross Animation and now we need to give him some facial features as seen above by Brian Buchmann. The wonderful Necross rigg by Erik Frederick has now been used by several animators and is so fantastic that it'll be used for all future humanoid characters:)

Cerebus TV's viewer number are dramatically rising (big understatement:)), and they were already terrific! Below includes multiple viewers, but even so...any way you slice it this is amazing. Chart below courtesy of GoDaddy via Cerebus TV's incredible Editor Max Southall.

Press Release for this weekend's 30 minute Episode (in continuous rotation all weekend long starting Friday 10PM Eastern):

"Following Following Cerebus"
It's been so long since an issue of FOLLOWING CEREBUS came out that a lot of people have never even heard of the magazine. Dave Sim brings you up-to-date and announces a never-to-be-repeated offer for a complete set of FOLLOWING CEREBUS only available the week of June 11 to June 18 to viewers of CEREBUS TV. #4 -- the Will Eisner Tribute Issue is sold out. Find out how you can win one of Dave Sim's personal copies of #4 autographed and personalized to you when you order #'s 1-3 and 5 to 11 for one low price POSTAGE PAID! The art auction features the cover of FOLLOWING CEREBUS #1

Also new webcomics at!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

What Dreamworks? What parallax! Weisshaupt!!

If you watched this weekend's 30 minute episode of Cerebus TV (in continuous rotation all weekend long) you know that Dreamworks wants to buy the rights to Cerebus. I'm sure Dreamworks would be great, but Dave Sim said no. It's unthinkable in Hollywood to go forth with a movie production of such size without flatout owning the rights. I would think though if they, or a competitor, did find a way around that it would bring incredible amount of free press for them and the film...and that Sim would want to make such an arrangement a success as it would prove it could be done, as his name is synonymous with "creator rights".
Anyway, the fact that Dreamworks sees it as a moneymaker should entice smart investors as we continue to make the Cerebus film outside the system independently:)

Brand new "parallax animation" by Hannu Hoffrén above. Cityscape Matta painting by Holli Alvarado.

Above: the character Weisshaupt by the 3D modeling force Uness Max!!
Dave Sim said about the character back in the day:
"Weisshaupt was a millionaire nut. He is not unlike the current crop of 19th century conservatives who figure that you can run a country like a corporation."

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What Color Elrod The Albino! What Completeness High Priest!

Hey, where's Elrod going? As Dave Sim would say about about the character:

"That was just too big a break from the internal reality that I was building so I decided then and there that he had to be a rather-more-than-usually-substantial illusion"
Anyway, above we have the High Priest from issue 13 and Elrod: modeled by the modeling dynamo known as Uness Max. Uness Max is a none-stop modeling machine. Creative, technically flawless and fast.

Also, we have Cerebus Graffiti: is there some in your town?

and this recent Cerebus toy. Awwww:)