Thursday, May 20, 2010

What Thrunk

Here's the latest progress on Thrunk by Brian Buchmann.
Max, director at Cerebus TV, told me that there were 5000 hits for Saturday, then another 5000 for Sunday and, the big surprise, 5000 on Monday beating the highs of Friday. Cerebus TV's best weekend yet so it's going in the right direction. And not to mention the 1000s that watch weekdays. Last month i was told CTV had 70 000 hits. 60 000 month before that again. Not bad.
Working on integrating the Dragon into the scenery, not there yet -but makes for a fun Cerebus TV bumper in the mean time:). Not actual background.

Also, AOL News reports today about the "Geek Chic" quiz. #3 asks: Dave Sim is known as "The Godfather of" what? (Answer: "Dave Sim is known, much to his chagrin, as "The Godfather of Independent Comics.")
And yesterday as we do every Wednesday new webcomics were posted: starting issue 2 of Captain Zap! and another installment of Reality Stripped. More Young Cerebus coming soonish -I swear!