Friday, May 28, 2010

What Elrod, Bran Mac Muffin, Lord Julius and what a lady!

The characters that are populating the Cerebus universe are being created faster then i can zap (blog, that is). Uness Max has joined us and is incredibly great and seriously fast: above you see Elrod, which is finished, and Bran Mac Muffin nearly complete. Done in 2 days. Wow.
And not too slight the ladies: below is a female character that inhabits our little town by one of our founding fathers: Brian Bucmann.

And Trevor Sieben's continued progress on the Lord Julius, who i think we'll see done in the next few days as well.

Also, tonight on Cerebus TV a very special 1 hour episode w/Sterenko and Sim on Kirby! Followed by a brand new 30m minutes. Yes, 90 minutes all in all.

(and will of course also feature new animated bumpers:))

Hi, Dave Sim here!

( If you'd like to hear an audio version of this announcement, you
can click here: )

Join me and JIM STERANKO (Nick Fury, The Steranko History
of Comics and so much more) for the long awaited Dialogue on Comic Art,
JACK KIRBY, Part Two - Cerebus.TV # 27.

What was it like, to watch Jack Kirby DRAW?

What artwork was hanging on the stairs going down to his basement

It's a one hour, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear Jim Steranko
reminisce about his friend and mentor - Jack "King" Kirby -
a Cerebus.TV extravaganza coming your way Friday May 28 (10pm EDT) at

http://Cerebus.TV/ ...

Immediately AFTER the One Hour Jack Kirby Special, a Cerebus.TV half
hour Double Header:

What's the newest paradigm in Self-Publishing, conceived and developed by Logan DeAngelis of ComiXpress? ( )

If you missed it on Episode One of Cerebus.TV last October, you won't
want to miss it this time.

And -- this week's Art Auction! my unpublished magazine cover featuring
parodies of both Steve Ditko's Dr. Strange AND Ditko's legendary cover
to Amazing Spiderman #6. Edited down to terseness by Max Southall!

It's the 90 minute internet television comics show that can't be beat -
in MY humble opinion.

If you aren't watching Cerebus.TV and you're a die-hard comics fan like me,
what ARE you watching?

I'd appreciate your checking us out! And if you like what you see, if you're excited
by features about the past and present comics greats and the upcoming indie stars like I am, please tell a friend about our show.

-- Dave

But the really big news is there are new webcomics: Reality Stripped and the start of Captain Zap Issue #2, which is epic!:)