Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What Animatic - pt 3

Update: the Evil Wizard's Castle (from Cerebus issue #1) -concept painting by Turlo Griffin.

Animation above by Romain Lapierre, who also helped create the Cerebus 3D model with Brian Buchmannand Christophe Brebion. Cerebus was rigged by Daniel Edwards. Horse modeled by Siva Kumar. Hair and texture byCiro Ayala and rigged by Leah Kim. Additional hair dynamics and hair attachment by Suresh Mistry. Helmet modeled by Sandy Tietyen. Sword modeled by Nhat Quang Tran. Matte Painting by Holli Alvarado

All in all 31 Cerebus Animation Bumpers have premiered on Cerebus TV till date!!
In the process of updating the CTV Animation Credit list http://www.cerebustv.com/cerebus3d.php. Progress can be viewed here and CTV webdesigners Margaret Liss Meegwun Southall will transfer it over.

Margaret Liss just returned from the 9th Annual Cerebus Gathering where issue 17 of Cerebus NewsLetter debuted.

And for those who missed last weekend's Cerebus TV episode

Dave Sim redrawing issue#1. It just doesn't get any cooler than that.

And don't miss this upcoming weekend's Episode as the press release says:

EPISODE 23 - air date April 30, 2010 10 pm ET / May 1, 2010 3 am GMT

"Elves! Elves! Elves!" It's been almost 30 years since Dave Sim created the Regency Elf in the HIGH SOCIETY storyline. He gives the lowdown on the creation of the character as an introduction to his painted recreation of the cover of CEREBUS No. 29 and a new photo-realistic picture of the Regency Elf. Also a new "I love glamourpuss. . ." endorsement from Liana K of TV's Ed the Sock and more exclusive footage from Toronto Comicon!"

Looks like we got some use out of that Regency Elf Intro mentioned in an earlier post afterall:)

And lastly, I think I'll go ahead and post the animatic tomorrow: there's still stuff I'm waiting for etc but the idea is it's rough and that we can preferably get enough of an idea how it'll be and from there make any, if needed, changes preferably early on in the process. Input is encouraged!:)