Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Animatic - pt 4

Below is the rough animatic of the "Necross (HA HA) The Mad" segment -any changes are best done in the early stages so feedback is very much encouraged! And if anybody wants to take a look at a, let's say, more playful version, gohere:)

The idea is we'll finish this segment this summer (ok, late late summer) and have it be part of our new trailer with "the other scenes" working as bookends.

Also, as always on Wednesdays: new Webcomics! Captain Zap and Reality Stripped! With more Young Cerebus coming soonish:)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What Animatic - pt 3

Update: the Evil Wizard's Castle (from Cerebus issue #1) -concept painting by Turlo Griffin.

Animation above by Romain Lapierre, who also helped create the Cerebus 3D model with Brian Buchmannand Christophe Brebion. Cerebus was rigged by Daniel Edwards. Horse modeled by Siva Kumar. Hair and texture byCiro Ayala and rigged by Leah Kim. Additional hair dynamics and hair attachment by Suresh Mistry. Helmet modeled by Sandy Tietyen. Sword modeled by Nhat Quang Tran. Matte Painting by Holli Alvarado

All in all 31 Cerebus Animation Bumpers have premiered on Cerebus TV till date!!
In the process of updating the CTV Animation Credit list Progress can be viewed here and CTV webdesigners Margaret Liss Meegwun Southall will transfer it over.

Margaret Liss just returned from the 9th Annual Cerebus Gathering where issue 17 of Cerebus NewsLetter debuted.

And for those who missed last weekend's Cerebus TV episode

Dave Sim redrawing issue#1. It just doesn't get any cooler than that.

And don't miss this upcoming weekend's Episode as the press release says:

EPISODE 23 - air date April 30, 2010 10 pm ET / May 1, 2010 3 am GMT

"Elves! Elves! Elves!" It's been almost 30 years since Dave Sim created the Regency Elf in the HIGH SOCIETY storyline. He gives the lowdown on the creation of the character as an introduction to his painted recreation of the cover of CEREBUS No. 29 and a new photo-realistic picture of the Regency Elf. Also a new "I love glamourpuss. . ." endorsement from Liana K of TV's Ed the Sock and more exclusive footage from Toronto Comicon!"

Looks like we got some use out of that Regency Elf Intro mentioned in an earlier post afterall:)

And lastly, I think I'll go ahead and post the animatic tomorrow: there's still stuff I'm waiting for etc but the idea is it's rough and that we can preferably get enough of an idea how it'll be and from there make any, if needed, changes preferably early on in the process. Input is encouraged!:)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Animatic - part 2

As mentioned I'm doing less coordinating these days and focusing completely on the "animatic" (basically a storyboard set to the voices) -the good news is: this should not take as long as when i did the script:)
In fact the "Necross part" (Cerebus issue # 13) of the animatic is pretty much done and we will showcase it shortly for feedback and improvements. Just waiting to get some files so it'll look even nicer:) Portions of the animatic are stick figures while others are, as seen above, stills (note: the above one is one you might not see in the movie....Cerebus being sad just doesn't happen too often:)), while others are full animation.
Speaking of full animation: there are 2 new Cerebus animations premiering this Friday on Cerebus TV

CEREBUS TV EPISODE 22 - air date April 23

"Just Like Starting Over!"
Dave Sim tells the history of CEREBUS No.1 page 1 which started as a sample for Mike Friedrich's OUACK...and then decides to "reimagine" the page 33 years later showing all of his well-thumbed Barry Windsor-Smith "Red Nails" reference. How far can he get in recreating the 6,000 page CEREBUS storyline from the beginning? The journey of 6,000 pages begins with but a single step...tune in after the episode to see how much that first step auctions for!
Also: the return of "Viewer Mail" as Sgt. Brian Lee Moore checks in from Baghdad and Dave Sim discusses helping him with his indy film, "Demon Joe".
BONUS! John M. Scrudder interviews mega hot artist Tommy Lee Edwards!

Also, more "Young Cerebus" webcomics coming soonish! Meanwhile, here are our other ongoing webcomics offerings: "Capt Zap" and "Reality Stripped". Updated every Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Instead of "What Comics Entertainment" were now calling ourselves "Wot Comics":)
Dave Sim, Cerebus Creator, faxed over his great drawings of Alan Moore, writer of "Watchmen", to accompany the Max Southall press release for this Friday's Cerebus TV episode (10PM Eastern):

"'All and Moore!' What's Dave Sim's favorite Alan Moore-related artifact in the Cerebus Archive? The answer - will surprise you! Also the auction of the ORIGINAL color cover to the new edition CEREBUS GUIDE TO SELF-PUBLISHING (see the latest issue of PREVIEWS), Christos Gage on current projects and Dave Sim's influence. All this - and Moore -- er -- More in Store!"

Sim also asked if we had any visiuals from when we did all the voice-recording. Honestly I didn't think of video recording or picture taking so much at the time...but yet we should have a little something put together for a future episode:)

Also, despite being busy with the animatic (mentioned in the previous blog entry) this Friday will see the total of 4 new animated bumpers!

And while I'm at it: let's take a look at the remarkable beginnings of the 3d model "Lord Julius" by the incredibly talented Trevor Sieben. Wow! You just know it's going to look great.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the new webcomics (each and every Wednesday!)
Captain Zap and Reality Stripped. More new "Young Cerebus" coming soonish.

Monday, April 5, 2010

What Animatic?

We are now working on an animatic of the entire film. An animatic is basically a storyboard set to the voice recordings. We'll, of course, first off preview the Necross scenes, which work as a short film in their own right.
It's for me particularly time consuming and as such my twittering, facebooking, blogging etc fall to the wayside for a bit.

Also, April 23 is the 9th Annual Cerebus Fan Gathering.
I just received my latest copy in the mail of the Cerebus Newsletter, which truly is great.
Over at the Cerebus.TV website a new Cerebus Store has opened. And to kick things off there you can now get original suggest-your-own Cerebus head sketches.
And speaking of Cerebus TV: Robin Barnard is having an incredibly generous promotion.