Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What Cerberus

As previously mentioned issue number 1 of Cerebus is a very "un-Cerebus like" comic: it's bare bones with cardboard like characters...nothing like the very strong personalities that were to follow later on in the saga. The Wizard, for one, has no lines, no motives and all we basically get are a few close-ups of we know nothing about him, his environement nor his motives. So to flesh him out and make him more in tune with the rest of the Cerebus comic story line we've fleshed him out a little bit...we can assume he's alone and we know he creates illusions of living skeletons, shadow beasts and i figure it's not a stretch that he'd have more of these creatures to keep him company. If you are going to surround him with creatures -well, you just gotta throw in a three-headed dog:) The above Cerberus is the newest addition to our stable of Wizard pets -masterfully created by Glen Southern
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