Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Lord?

The voice of Lord Julius. By the great voice-over talent John Dicrosta.

Also, this Friday on Cerebus TV:
This week's episode has never-seen-before footage of final Cerebus issue 300
being drawn by Dave Sim and then in production at the printer in February of 2004.

"They knew the CBC wouldn't do it. They knew CKCO the local Kitchener CTV
outlet wouldn't cover it -- so three intrepid Twin Cities comrades decided
THEY would document the production of Cerebus 300 for posterity.

"Six years later, this footage will be seen worldwide...for the first time.
Even Dave Sim HIMSELF hasn't seen it yet, so join Dave as HE tunes in, Friday at
10 pm (EST) in Kitchener!"

And today 3 new webcomics at : Young Cerebus, Capt. Zap and Reality Stripped.