Sunday, February 28, 2010

What Pace?

2 blogs in one day? Below is another lipsynch animation scene that's just been completed. So unless there are suggestions for improvement: this is our first FINISHED lipsynch animation.
Animation by the fantastic animator Owen Wilson
Michael Pertranech, voice-over
rigging/modelling by Erik Frederick.

Necross lipsynch Animation!!

Our first speaking lipsynch animation progres! Yay! By the talented animator Roy Maragalit
Also, Michael Pertranech, voice-over and rigging/modelling by Erik Frederick.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

What Necross Animation!

Here's sweet progress on the Necross scene animated by the talented animator extraordinaire Owen Wilson.

Friday, February 26, 2010

What A Bran Muffin!

Another 1/2 hour episode of CerebusTV this Friday, February 26 at 10pm ET / 7pm PT. This episode will showcase how to tell a real Cerebus #1 versus a counterfeit Cerebus #1.

Did the above banner ad with Max and his incredibly talented son Meegwun Southall. That banner and a variation of it are featured on great comics auction site

Also, we have a new Cerebus Film website design as seen above. Cerebus TV will feature some new animation bumpers tonight. Among them the incredible 3D animated replica of the High Society building seen above.

We have some great variant Bran Mak Muffin voices -any preference?
Bran Mak Muffin, of course is the Pigt leader who, in the samples below, tells the prophecy of Cerebus' coming and how Cerebus will lead them.

He's an important figure and, of course, also appears in High Society...looking quite different as seen below.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Twin?

Well, in issue number 1 of Cerebus: there are two guys who look a lot alike (except one has a moustache and the other a goatee) and while they are nameless and only appear in a few panels of the 24 page comic and have even fewer lines, one of them does refer to the other as "my brother" at one point...these "twins" are the catalyst for that issue: the issue we originally are basing our film on. I personally have the theory that they are the forerunners to the brothers McGrew (also referred to as the Fleagle Brothers) who appear in the "High Society" storyline...I even thought we could just go ahead and make 'em so, but while the fans will give us a lot of benefit of the doubt and have a "wait and see" attitude about a lot of things: this was not one of them...and having two prominent tough inept facial haired brothers in this movie and then in our sequel "High Society" would be bad. Yeah, they look kinda rough and tough in issue #1, but then why would they hire the muscle of Cerebus, and they are completely inept throughout the story...and so scared they want to forego the quest for the "flamejewel" that you wonder why they set out on the mission to begin with. Very little is explained in issue number 1, nor are we given any idea who they are or what their personality is like and the issue is very rough all around: even the biggest fan thinks so -yet despite this it had enough of that indefinable something to launch such a successful title.
So we've given them motive, character -and like the comic story they are the catalyst for the movie story. I would say spoiler alert, but since we are so faithful to the source material in general anyone who hasn't read Cerebus can go ahead...there is no way keeping our overall story secret anyway:) In our story the twins are dimwitted outcasts from the Pigt tribe...actually they are not outcasts so much as encouraged to form their own sect, along with the other dimwits in the tribe. Unfortunately for the Pigts the twins interfere with the Pigts plans to have Cerebus lead them to world conquest: and as such are an added pawn in Cerebus' (luckily) fractured destiny.

Now while the cast of the film is huge, as has been witnessed in previous blog entries, we don't have enough parts to go around -and so far everyone has been a very pro voice-over person: but I'm going with my hunch on this...and while not a voice-guy, Yuell has been in the entertainment industry forever working on such shows as "Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles" etc. The clip is a message on the voice machine -so it's soso and hard to hear, but there is enough there to convince me, and hopefully you, that he'll be incredible, so here's introducing Yuell Newsome!

Monday, February 22, 2010

What, I Say, What!?

The voice of Elrod by the truly talented Daniel Geduld. Interesting factoid: Daniel had at one point appraoched Dave Sim, Cerebus creator, about doing a radio play of the Cerebus Graphic Novel.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What A First!

First rough preview of Necross voice animation. OK, so the lips don't move, yet -but what's in place is what they call the key poses of the acting. It should be noted that while animators animate: all features and details are gone -the model is stripped down to it's essentials as you want your computer to be chug free:) Hope you enjoy this behind the scene look at the process -I gotta admit I get a thrill myself. lol
The great and ingenious animation is by Roy Margalit Model and Rigg by the masterful talent that is Erik Frederick. Voice amazingly performed by the Oscar worthy Michael Anthony Petranech

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What Lord?

The voice of Lord Julius. By the great voice-over talent John Dicrosta.

Also, this Friday on Cerebus TV:
This week's episode has never-seen-before footage of final Cerebus issue 300
being drawn by Dave Sim and then in production at the printer in February of 2004.

"They knew the CBC wouldn't do it. They knew CKCO the local Kitchener CTV
outlet wouldn't cover it -- so three intrepid Twin Cities comrades decided
THEY would document the production of Cerebus 300 for posterity.

"Six years later, this footage will be seen worldwide...for the first time.
Even Dave Sim HIMSELF hasn't seen it yet, so join Dave as HE tunes in, Friday at
10 pm (EST) in Kitchener!"

And today 3 new webcomics at : Young Cerebus, Capt. Zap and Reality Stripped.

Monday, February 15, 2010

What A Scene!

Chris Holden is contributing his High Society model to our Cerebus Film. It'll be featured in the ending where we see Cerebus ascending the staircase towards the building setting up our sequel based on the second book (High Society) in the Cerebus Graphic Novel series.
Also, our first complete talkie scene will most likely be the Necross scene: I figure it's a good one as it's short, funny and has a beginning and an end, almost a movie within the movie. We now have 5 animators working on it (in no particular order):
Roy Margalit, Owen Wilson, Sterling Reames, Jason Minos and Emmy winning Animation Director Mike Milo.

Friday, February 12, 2010

What A Cerebus!

Below is the voice of Cerebus: John DiCrosta, who recently did the voice of "Doctor" in Transformers 2.
Dave Sim always said that Cerebus sounds like George C. Scott and does a great impression himself:)

Also, tonight! featuring a couple new animated bumpers:

Episode 12 of CerebusTV will air tonight at 10pm ET / 7pm PT and will be 1/2
hour long, on continuous rotation through out the weekend and will feature
"Viewer mail, Cerebus Archive and GP 13 /Stan Drake/ nightscape artwork

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Ladies!

Our Cerebus movie is more in the mold of "Lock, Stock and 2 smoking Barrels" about a bunch of guys acting like idiots and as such there is not a whole lot of ladies regrettably. In the sequel "High Society" as any Cerebus reader knows they figure more prominently -and are probably some of the strongest and most independent women figured anywhere. All the same our film does have some:) Brian Buchmann progress as such shown above. Stunning.
Also, today 3 new webcomics uploaded as we do each and every Wednesday.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

What Wizard Voice!

We are talking about the Wizard of Cerebus issue #1, who uncharacteristically (like so much in Cerebus issue #1) was given no personality -in most issues of Cerebus that were to follow: it's the side characters who are the most fun while Cerebus basically reacts..usually with a disapproving grunt or arched eyebrow...I've always thought of the dynamic akin to Bob Newhart show, though Newhart would react with a stammer:)
So to make Cerebus issue #1 more in keeping with the Cerebus style that would later develop we've here fleshed the Wizard out a bit and he's now a central character telling the tale of his own demise..sorta kinda like the movie "Sunset Boulevard":)
Doing the voice of the Wizard is the versatile talent of Stephen Mendel, who has appeared in numerous films and TV series.
Seeing how we can't just upload audio files I found some files that were handy (didn't want to spend too much time on this montage:)) and included them (featuring rough modelling,rigging and animation by Lorenzo Davis, Ajiesh Thuvanoor etc) though wouldn't go so far as to call this an animatic.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Talk !? part2

Unfortunately blogger doesn't let you just upload audio links, but anyway above are some of the Cerebus voices in no particular order -comments are much encouraged!:)

Monday, February 1, 2010

What Talk!?

We welcome the terrific animator Jason Minos onboard -who along with Multi Emmy winning animation director Mike Milo are working on our first "talkie" scene! No, we haven't cast Cerebus yet -so they are animating just Necross (the sensational voice of Michael Anthony Petranech) for now. Necross modelled and rigged by Erik Frederik. Below is my attempt at doing a little "inspirational bit":)
Before I pull the trigger on who is the voice of Cerebus I'll upload voice samples without names this week.

Exterior Environment (still inprogress) by multi award winner Kerem Gogus. Interior Environement(still inprogress) by the incredibly talented Ludovic Leleu. Cerebus modelled by Brian Buchmann and Christophe Brebion. Rigged by Daniel Edwards